Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Surrender All: A Call to Sub-Merge with Christ. Ash Barker - Action Taken or Intended.

Action Taken or Intended:

I feel that it might take a few years to process the contents of this book. So my plans for action at this point will be preliminary at best.

I need to spend some time reassessing my relationships with God. I’m convinced and convicted that there are areas where this relationship works more like magic than faith. I need to identify and repent of the areas where I seek to manipulate and submit myself to God’s will.

In my connection with the community I will seek out the seeds of the kingdom of God rather than simply becoming dismayed at all the evil in the world. I will hold tight to the coming reality of God’s reign.

Having moved into a neighbourhood I feel God call me to serve I will seek to stand with the poor more than tell them how to get their lives together. I will seek to become more a part of this community around me with the support and encouragement of the members of my church and order.

I will seek to further develop the discipling relationships that we are seeking to setup through the Kaleo Order at Northern Community Church of Christ.

With my congregation of NCCC Loam I will use some of the practical exercises to help us dream up a shared missional task.

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