Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crossing Cultures

Jay and I had some friends who are missionaries in Jordan come and have dinner with us last night. Hanging out with people who devote their lives to a culture so different from ours is always an interesting experience. They usually come across as being a bit weird. Fair enough though really, if they weren't then they probably wouldn't be any good at connecting with people in the culture they are seeking to serve.

Chatting with these guys reminded me how much I enjoy crossing cultures. In many ways that's what Jay and I do best. I seem to morph (hopefully with integrity) from a hippie to a nerd, to a theological student, to a refugee advocate, to a sporting fan to whatever else is required to participate in and connect with the culture. I love it too, the diversity of experiences and relationships is wonderful and the opportunities to connect and share the kingdom of God with different people abound.

I raises interesting questions for me about our congregation called Loam. Are we trying to create a space that connects well with only one subculture? Or are we seeking to create an environment in which many subcultures can engage with God and catch a glimpse of his kingdom to come? I'm not so sure I'm wired up to just focus on one ...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gathering together

Our Loam crew meet up on Wednesday night's for a time of worship, prayer and learning. Last night we spent some time using the Prayer of Saint Francis and then used a modified form of Lectio Divina to study Luke 6:39-49 and finished up with Saint Francis again. It was a great little gathering as we had some regulars away, but a visitor or two which added something different. The approach of Lectio Divina allows everyone to have input and aid the learning of the group. Whenever I am involved in Lectio Divina I'm reminded that it is God's Spirit who helps us understand the bible. Theological education and training is helpful, but the role of God's Spirit to draw our attention and give us understanding is irreplaceable and so often He speaks through those who we would expect Him to least. It's a beautiful thing.

It was a thought-provoking and encouraging evening, today I feel better able to live out the kingdom of God because of it.

Back to posting

My life has been more crazy than normal in the last couple of months, but I'm hoping that things will settle at least a little for a while and I can think and post here a bit more.