Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cricket - something of the kingdom of God

So I'm sitting in the car doing some uni work while Gulinder (our refugee friend from Afghanistan) has his first cricket training session. I'm sitting here realising that for Gulinder this experience of cricket training is bringing forth some of the kingdom of God. For those of you who don't know him, Gulinder fits pretty clearly into the category of the marginalised. As a religious minority in Afghanistan his family was persecuted, Gulinder himself kidnapped and tortured by the Taleban before his family fled the country. He has since lost all of his family members in the journey to Australia and in many ways has nothing left. At his first cricket practice this morning I am watching him participate with a group of others who accept him as a person of value with something to offer. I know the kingdom of God is much bigger than this as well, but here I see a sign of God's transforming, restoring work of the kingdom of God. It's exciting and rewarding.

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