Sunday, August 20, 2006

I don't want more Christians

I don't want more Christians - I want more people around like Jesus.

Mission is not about getting more people to sign up to be in our club. It is about recognising the greatness of Jesus, seeking to be like him yourself and encouraging others to do the same. It's the about of the kingdom of God, about participating in the creation of that place where ultimately there will be no more tears, pain, oppression, abuse, poverty, loneliness, despair, etc.

I don't want more Christians because lots of Christians I know aren't actually that involved or even interested in this kingdom, I want more people like Jesus.

I realise this is just semantics, but it's also about perception. I realised today that when I think about Christians I don't think about people of the kingdom of God. I think about Christianese people, people from the world of Christendom, with their own little world they are trying to protect, their own culture, language, etc. It's sad that I associate this word so strongly, maybe I need to stop using it for a while ...

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